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I finally got it and can relax around not having a set concept with what I do – I am a Projector.

Photo by Anna Rohova

So I’m going to be honest and let you know that I’ve for some time been having a bit of a conundrum knowing where I fit in and putting a label to what it is I do with the energy I work with.

  • I am not a healer, but the energy I work with has healing qualities.

  • I am not an astrologer, but I love to follow and use the celestial movements, energy, and influences.

  • I am not a tarot reader, but I use tarot and oracle cards frequently for clarification and guidance.

  • I am not a meditation teacher, but I frequently host meditation classes and energy meditation is one of my main tools.

  • I am not Shaman, but I subscribe to the teaching and connection to earth and nature.

  • I am not a Druid, but this has been the closest I’ve got to feeling some sort of fit, still not 100%.

  • I am not an EFT teacher, but I frequently use this technique.

  • I am not a medium, but I connect and communicate with your pure heart energy.

  • Or maybe I am all of the above...

Well, you see where I’m going with this and my previous challenge. What I know is that I am a channel for an energy I call Pure Heart energy and it is here to activate your life force and ignite you to your pure purpose for a more joyful way of life. Even though that is plenty information I confess I’ve felt a bit lost as to what I am and do, following the labels that exists.

Then it happened! I got my answer after asking my guides to help me understand. Suddenly I got drawn to look into Human Design. I remembered that a few years ago a friend send me my Human Design chart. I read it and put it aside, not thinking too much about it more than that sounds about right. Now I took it out again as well as send out for a new chart.  it came back the same, off course.

Now if you like me are new to this, to simplify it is our Blue Print, the way we are wired and in a way what we are here to experience, do and how to best create a life that’s flowing with our energy and blue print. You can find a lot of information about this online as well as get your chart of your design. All you have to do is fill out your date, place and time of birth. In a way like astrology but different.

What I found out is that I am part of 20% of the world who are here to guide us into a new way of life. As a projector we are wired differently from the other 80% and not here to blend in, stay in a lane, or do what’s been done.

So, I am not to look at what already exists or is. My task is to follow my heart and energy regardless of if it makes sense, been done or not. For some this might sound uncomfortable not having a framework. For me it is a sigh of relief. I can finally let go of the thought of trying to fit into a space that exists just for the sake of adding a label to my work.

My blue print is that I’m to do it differently, thread new paths and it feels so good. Like I got an approval to what I am and enjoy. My intuition to not follow one set track has been part of my path from the start and to understand this makes a big difference.

Isn’t that what we all strive towards, to feel okay with being ourselves unapologetically and comfortable. Without judgment, comparison or norms, regardless of what area that feeling of being an outsider shows up in.

If you are curious about your Human Design I recommend you to sign up to get your chart online (and remember most of them a free to check the first step). Then go deeper with what beautiful design you are and how to best work with that. I got mine from Kelsey Abbott but here are plenty out there.

Now, go out and be you! Tap into your heart, listen and follow its direction knowing it always has your highest interest as focus. Use any uncomfortable feeling to look at where your mind is trying to steer you in direction and thoughts that is not for you.  

Hi my name is Maria and I am a Projector!


P.s. Next Saturday I'm going live at Insight Timer at 2pm CET, talking about connecting to your Purpose. It's free I'll go on for about 30- 40 minuets hoping to inspire you to dive deeper into your Purpose for a more joyful way of life.


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