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What's up week 52

This week there is power in queting your mind through meditation or by taking breaks. Solutions that previously eluded you because you overthought them can suddenly become crystal clear, when you get that quite time. If you are fasing a challenge, take some time off also from thinking about the problem. Focus upon something else for awhile.

Sleep is also a winner for a healthy mind to rest and rejuvinate so that your waking hours are more productive and filled with optimism.

The energies this week are also keeping us on our toes in antisipation of what to come. The advice is to relax and trust.

We are now going into the final week of the year. Monday Uranus is having a stand-off with Jupiter that can bring uncertanty and change on the rise but with a silver lining of cheerful hope, that in the end everything will be all right.

Thursday we have a New Moon. With Mercury still in retrograde we continue to take stock of the year and decide what to take with you in 2017, instead of starting something new.

Also on Tursday, Uranus wakes up from a five month retrograde and could give us and end of 2016 that is an unexpected surprise.

Now the bells will ring to say this year is over and done. May the new year be filled with clear skies, and where there is dakness may the stars light your way.

A quick tool to balance the energies this week;

Start by taking three deep breaths to ground yourself.

Then imagen that you are shaking off anything that wasn’t for your highset best in 2016. You ara shaking off any energies, situations and thoughts that was not for you. Then imagen that you reach out your hands and your arms and recieve a beautiful sparkling energy that goes into your hands and body, all around your body, for the new year to come.

Stand in this for as long as you like and do it each day during every day of the week.

Happy holidays and I look forward to a new year together.

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