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What's up week 1 - 2017

The energies this week are relaxed yet bubbly. It’s like they are brewing for the year to come. Take this week as a week to continue to relax, plan and keep yourself grounded. There is no rush right now.

Remember what you give comes back to you. Understand that you are blessed and focus on what you have, not what you lack.

Manage your resources wisely, are you spending or giving to freely or are you holding on to tightly and losing the joy, in any area of your life.

We are entering into a year of great manifestation and creation and it is in our highest best to stay grounded for the best outcome.

A quick tool to balance yourselves this week;

Start by taking three deep breaths. Then imagen that there are roots growing from your feet, where ever you are, down into the ground. They are keeping you grounded throughout the week so that you can fly high in all your plans and visions, relax and let go. While standing in this energy affirm; I’m grounded and I’m safe when I’m creating.


This month book recomendation:

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