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What's up week 2

Be alert and on your toes this week!

Mercury are now moving forward and so can we. While the first days of January was good to relax and to keep your step in the air, you can now put down the foot and start to walk. Start to move on those plans, visions that you might have set for this year. Start to walk but don’t run. We are still walking.

The energies this week can be a little bit frosty. So be a aware with the communication is going straight, of what you are saying and doing.

See if you can light and warm your surrounding by being aware of your words and actions and how they affect those around you and yourself. Try and stay generous and giving. You could save the day by caring for others and yourself.

The energies this week is also coming from a source of creativity and creation. If you feel stuck open up the flow by setting the intention of the energies of creativity to flow through you and see what comes up.

We might appeared to be inactive, while magic swirls around.

All major action this week is centred to Thursday 12/1 when we have an unusual difficult full moon. Best way to make your way through this Full Moon’s minefield is to bring everything to a complete stop.

Then you can regroup and refocus. At the end of the day it will softens and put everything in a more forgiving light.

It is also a good time to conduct a serious reality check on the state of your life over the next three weeks.

A quick tool for this week to balance the energies;

Start by taking three deep breaths to ground ourselves.

Then imagen that you are standing somewhere in direct sunlight.

You have the sun shining down on you, brining you light, renewing your energy.

Then confirm within yourself - I am the creator of my life. I create from love and joy together with my highest self/light.

We thank you for this and hope you have a beautiful week.

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