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What's up Week 3

Things remain intense this week. On Thursday we have a square with heavyweights Saturn and Mars giving us a feeling of trying to drive at full speed with the breaks on.

With the energies that are moving forward and asking us to take action, make sure to take action from your heart and your highest good.

All those plans that’s been staggering up are now okay to get going on but since we have this opposite pulls the weeks energies are also telling us to have a deep look in to where we have our core before we act and react. Giving us that pull/push situation when we transition from walking to running.

Allow your heart to be filled with childlike wonder and awe, picture what it is you desire and then make a wish. Allow life to be playful. Enjoy the simple things. Have fun in order to get connected with that inner light of yours.

The sun also moves into Aquarius shifting our general focus from the bottom line to the realm of ideas and possibilities.

Challenge for next month and this week is to keep a cool head without forgetting the heart!

If you are in a situation where you feel you lost your balance throughout the day or that something isn’t the way you would like it to be.

Take three deep breaths to ground yourself.

Then put your hands up in front of you heart and for every breath in feel /visualise the light expand in your heart chakra, the area of your heart.

With every breath in its expanding and you can just stand in this picture or thought, breathing and visualising for as long as you feel needed to reconnect with your inner light.

Sat Nam

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