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Welcome to my Free Master Class - 21 of July at 11 am (Swedish time).

I am so happy to finally have put together three events for you this coming weeks. First up is the Master class Clear your mind to Free your time.

If you’d like to come to peace with your inner critic so that you can free up time for the projects that lifts and inspires you, feeling confident and stress free, this is for you.

If you, are you in the habit of going down the rabbit hole of overthinking and overworking, feeling you should do more, be more, this is for you.

If you are in the habit of saying yes to projects that is draining your energy instead of lifting your mood and creativity, this is for you.

If you find yourself regularly caught up with 1000 ideas, having a hard time sort out which one to continue with or maybe you’ve already started up 1000 projects and are having a hard time letting some go, ending up feeling stressed and out of time, not being able to finish any, this is for you.

I’ve learned from experience and my own long inner journey, that there is a way to minimize all of the above to instead feel clear around choices and release that judgmental inner voice that is doing no one any favors.

As a coach I work with meditation, energies, practical tools that you can use straight away, and I will share a bit of all in this Master Class. I know that when we silence that busy head of ours, connect with our own wisdom, things start to shift in a positive and beautiful way and when our mind becomes clearer, we stop with time consuming draining activities and that gives us more time to do the things that lifts our day and creativity.

I hope you will join me in this free Master Class and to do so please please sing in by following this link. No worries if the time doesn’t suite you, by signing up, it’s available for you when you’re up for it.

If you are already part of my Facebook group "Active and Ignite" then you are at the right place and all you have to do is go in at 11am on the 21 of July to join live or catch the replay after.

If you have any questions before we start, let me know.

I am so excited to share this with you and looking forward to start.

Love and Light,



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