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December Pure Heart Calendar - 11/12

Full speed ahead - Pure Heart December 24 days Calendar - 11 of December 2020

Warm welcome to day 11 in my December Pure Heart Calendar opening!

Today the energies are giving us a thumbs to go full speed ahead.

We are also asked to start taking what we learned this year into our day. Share your wisdom, you never know who needs to hear it.

Don’t push, show it and follow your hearts voice and volume.

In the quick meditation today we connect with the Sun to help us ignite and wake up, just in time for the weekend.

This week I am using The Medicine Woman tarot by Carol Briges.

Make sure you have some time to be still and relax with the meditation before moving on with the day.

Love and light


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Music – The Inner calling” composed by Music Of Wisdom - Licensed from

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