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Autumn group Pure Heart Ignition


I am looking forward to deepen our heart connection together this autumn at the live online group Pure Heart Ignitions.

Dates and time are now set and I'm as always waiting to be guided to what energy we will be tuning in to.

If you like to join, make sure you've become a member in my Facebook group "Pure Heart Studio" where it will be live, no later than 10 minutes before start. Here you will also be able to watch it if you can't make the live time, as well as the once we've done before.

Beginner, advanced, in between - all welcome - the energy finds you where you are on your journey right now.

Please make sure you have a good internet connection and a calm and comfortable place to listen.

I also recommend keeping pen and paper close, to write down your experience.

If you have any questions before we start or before you join the group, please let me know.

I'm truly looking forward to be a guide on these events and meet you and your heart.

Love and Light,



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