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Summer Pure Heart Ignition

Since Easter I’ve had the opportunity to be really still, listen and connect without having anything other on my schedule than to heal a broken shoulder.

The heart communication that comes from this stillness has been deep, strong and after a while playful and guiding.

Now I feel it’s time to share this still, peaceful energy through three live free Pure Heart Ignitions this summer.

Summer in itself has an active, vibrant energy and to best serve this beautiful active energy we also need moments of peace, to recharge before continuing on our merry way.

Unfortunately, this balance isn’t always top of mind this season. Summer times comes with different expectations whether it’s to have a lot of fun, meet friends and family, work on your house, your garden, yourself, see the world and the list goes on. Often, we try to cramp in a year’s expectations of fun, relaxation and catch up to the time we have a holiday or work may be slowing down.

In these three live Pure Heart Ignitions we will work with an energy of stillness, connection and peace, to get that playful vibe going as well as relax and recharge.

I travel the world to unlock energy in people and places and I will reconnect to three of these journeys and energy, one for each ignition.

We start 2 of July with Luxor Egypt which was the first place I traveled to on an energetic journey and also where I first started to open my inner communication in a way that I got its language (even if it took me a few more years to fully trust and understand it).

The second place and event is on the 15 of July an here I’ll reconnect to a place in Scotland, The Orkney Island. I remember the energy here teaching me to be the change, walk my talk and trust the communication that had been opened.

Then we end this summer Pure Heart

Ignition series 8 of August which is also a powerful energetic portal called Lionsgate. This time we connect with an energy from the west of Australia. Here is where I first got my energetic name / focus – Pure Heart, whispered to me and experienced some breath-taking moments. A lovely end to a deep summer Pure Heart Ignition and great way to start the autumn as well as having that balance with activity and stillness throughout the summer connected with your Heart.

If you like to join me on this energetic journey around the world, then all you need is a good internet connection, a quiet and comfortable place to listen and off we go.

I will be hosting the Pure Heart Ignitions at my Facebook group - Pure Heart Studio. Make sure you’ve joined no later than 10 minutes before start to make sure you are in. If you can’t make the time, then the meditation is there for you waiting at the studio when you have the opportunity.

Cost - Its free

Level - Beginner or advanced doesn’t matter the energy works with you where you are right now.


July 2 at 1PM

July 15 at 6PM

August 8 at 8PM

Swedish time

I’m so looking forward to go on these inner and outer journeys with you and your Pure Heart.

Love and Light


P.s If you want to deepen your inner communication and connection further, please have a look at an individual Summer Activation program. These two are a perfect match to invest in yourself this summer.


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