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Pure Heart Energy Tour - Day 1

Today Pure Heart Energy Tour started and first day was a travel day.

I've known I would be going to Ireland for some time but got the area and time just about a month ago. The pull was strong so I couldn't put it off even if it gave me a short span to plan.

I usually get good hints of what to come on the first travel day like a pre-view of what to expect of the tour. This time no different.

It started in the taxi going out to Stockholm airport where I felt an enormous sense of gratitude. Gratitude toward this journey, life in general and just having the possibility to be part of these exciting times when we are in an energy shift on Earth. Some say it's the next revolution after the Tech Revolution - the revolution of our minds and its capacity.

The Gratitude I felt was a new kind, for me. One that is deep and without hidden agendas or a feeling of having to return something. Limitless or Unconditional Gratitude one could say. I fits well with the theme of the tour as well - Breaking boundaries.

I've also had some tempo or time hints during the day. First in Sweden things outside me where moving crazy fast (from taxi driver to pass control guy and between) . Then when arriving to Donegal it became the opposite. For example when I was driving it was like time stood still and 10 minutes felt like an hour. This aspect of breaking boundaries makes me very curious of what’s to come.

Then the theme or feeling of trust will be present or worked with in our energies. With the theme of breaking boundaries, I guess trust is a big part. I got that from some incidences where my initial reaction was fear and then it went over to trust and flow and it all got sorted.

Also what hit when travelling this day was all the warm and friendly smiles I’ve got, from strangers in Stockholm to Donegal. They were looking at me like we knew each other and then smiled. I take that as a sign of connection being put in place as well as Heart energy starting to be released and its volume turned up in a new way.

Seeing that I’d booked the lodging across from a church called ‘Sacred Heart Church was a fun confirmation.

Another theme I think will be worked with to break boundaries is creativity and creation. On the plane over my mind went nearly on tilt with a constant stream of ideas and visions. They came up so fast I hardly had time to write it all down and it came in an organic way, that felt right not ‘thought out’. Then it turns out the house owner is a writer and there is an art exhibition going on where I'm staying. So I'll be keeping a look out for that energy as well.

In regards of the country I think I have to come clean and say I have a relationship with Ireland.

We don’t see each other that often. I don’t know all its secrets and personalities but the parts I have got to see I adore.

It’s strong and pure energy, it’s friendly and straight manor, it’s varied looks and artistic pulse, it’s rooted love of our Mother Earth and its sense of humour.

I’m smitten and think it will be a long term relationship, very long maybe Eons of time.

Until tomorrow- keeping it light!

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