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Pure Heart Energy Tour - Day 2

Creativity, Perseverance & Connection.

That sums up the day with a broad brush. Starting (like always on these tours) to connect and in a way get the Key for coming days light-work, with the Fairy realm. This was done today at Tullamore Beach where the Wishing Chair and Fairy Bridges is situated. It was a beautiful place and besides from feeling that I melted into the ground I felt a strong and familiar bond with the energy here. We connected on a deep level through and old bond and lovely familiar energy shining through.

I made my wish in the chair and had a stroll on the Fairy Bridges with the Ocean roaring beneath. Can't think of a better way to start this day and get the Key!

The Fairy Bridges where spirits,

In the moon-lit splendour sport and play,

Span chasms dark and lowering where

The lashing waters dash and spray.

And then the dear old Wishing Chair,

Where heart sick maids petitions lay,

Where thousands found each wish come true

And ever bless the Happy Day.

/Edward Daly

Then it was the enormous high Cliffs of Slieve League. The weather had got into full speed in regards of wind, rain and fog but the pull for this sacred mountain is one of the main reasons I'm hear this time, so no turning back and the thought didn't cross my mind when walking up. 100% perseverance due to intention and commitment.

Unfortunately the view over the Atlantic Ocean wasn't much (mostly white fog) but the energy from the Mountain lit up the way and that was the reason I was there, not the view.

The work that was done here today was opening up for an amazing new Heart Energy of connection and love. An energy that has been stored in the mountain and now was the time to open it up for the world. In our help we had Arch Angels bringing Love, Fairies brining Joy, Mother Earth and Father Universe and our Higher Self’s was also with.

What to expect from this is open and loving heart in human kind. New dimension into our life's and a new capacity into our minds for a joyful, loving life.

My experience with these journeys is that I will shortly get some more signs and experiences of what this really means when brought down into daily life- I look forward sharing this with you all as soon as I have it in place.

Keeping it light until tomorrows next adventure at Ard an Mona Woods!

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