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Embody confidence by increasing trust and intuition - New Master Class

New Free Master Class – 4 of August at 7pm (Swedish time).

This time we are going to dive into how to ignite trust and intuition to the self-doubting artist and creator, so you can enjoy and continue your success and talent in a relaxed and self-accepting flow.

There is a connection between trusting your intuition (your wise inner connected light/Pure Heart), act and feel peaceful about it, with letting go of doubts in life as an artist and creator.

When you learn how your intuition and inner wisdom feels, sounds and shows up you can start to:

- Be more confident in your decisions, the once that works best for you, so that you save time by not over-thinking or going in different directions.

- Letting go of second guessing and fear around made decisions so that you can keep creating in a flow of exciting, uplifting projects

- Stop procrastinating results and deadlines due to self-doubt, so that you can shift stress with peace and integrity.

- Be accountable for your work and life, so that you feel like the CEO you are meant to be for you.

- Stop doubting your talent so that you can start enjoying it and the beauty you share with the world.

I am looking forward to share what I have learned and how it has helped me, as well as share tools and energy I’ve picked up along the way, to strengthen your trust and intuition, so that you tap into your own and start to feel safe following it.

If you are up for one-hour free Master Class and like to join me on the 4 of August, please follow this link. Click here to sign up.

If you already joined the Master Class 21 of July, then all you have to do is go to the same Facebook group at 7pm (Swedish time) or when it suites you. It’s there for all who are part of the group. If you missed my last Master Class "Clear your mind- Free your time" it's still available for you at the same place.

Love and Light,


P.s. a quick announcement as well that I’m continuing the summers live meditations but changing day. Every Sunday evening in August I will close the week and prepare us for the week to come with a short meditation. It is available at Pure Heart Studio.

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Unknown member
Aug 04, 2021

Going to have to catch the rerun tomorrow. But that's okay because I'm going to my yoga studio. Been waiting a while for this teach to finally have our times line up.

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