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Peaceful December

Every month I tune into its energy to record what it wants to communicate together with a balancing meditation for my beautiful Patreons.

I’ve just connected to the energy of December and the main message I got was to stay, choose, focus you name it – on Peace of mind body and soul. This is of course always what we strive for, but when the energy I connect to highlights it, I listen.

We have a festive yet busy month ahead of us and it's easy to get swept up by an overly active state of mind. The pressure of getting it all sorted before the new year and or Christmas can turn even the most joyful days into stressful moments of just getting by, drowning in chores and expectations.

If you feel yourself starting to spiral or know that you usually do, this might help.

From the 1 to the 29 of December I'll be here helping you connect and shift to a peaceful and clear vibe, so that you can move through this time in a lighter state of mind and energy whilst still getting things done.

What I need from you is 20-30 minutes where you can be somewhat still. You don't have to be meditating but no major activity or driving, since the energy might make you fall asleep.

At your appointment I will connect from a distance to your heart and energy to slow down the buzz, clear your mind and lift your spirit.

The energy starts it's work with you already at the time I start but I'll also record the session and send it to you after in a Mp3 format, for you to listen to whenever you feel you like to connect to your heart for some peace and uplifting igniting energy.

Investment 50€

If you have any questions before, please let me know.

If you like to book your Peaceful December, please click on the box below.

Peace and Love



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