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Pure Heart Ignition 27 of November

Welcome to join me on the 27 of November at 3PM Swedish time (check out your timezone here) for a live group online Pure Heart Ignition. Through a guided meditation we will connect to an energy helping us to Open our Heart.

In what area, will be individual.

When I got the theme for this Pure Heart Ignition at first I thought I only got half of the energy. Open Heart, to what...? But that's just it, to what it is you need right now. We all work with different parts in our life to feel secure enough to open our hearts to that area fully. It could be in relationships, to ourselves, in our confidence, to trust, to deepen our connection, to fully relax, you name it.

In the last Pure Heart Ignition we got help to Release and this feels like a natural step to now that we have released it's time to open your heart further. Feeling comfortable and safe doing so. Connecting deeper with its communication to trust and accept it. There has also been a lot going on this last year in terms of energetic transformation. This week Jupiter the planet of growth and abundance is turning direct after been backpedaling since end of July. Helping us to reconnect to our natural sense of joy and inspiration again, to open and expand our life. A lovely timing I'd say.

On Sunday we'll connect to open our hearts through a guided igniting meditation where I tune in to the energy, so that it can connect with yours where you are at this point in life.

If you like you can already today think if there is some area in life you know you are holding yourself back and a bit closed. However your heart might steer you in another direction on Sunday so keep yourself flexible around the subject.

We'll meet up at my Facebook group Pure Heart Studio and if you can't join live, you are more than happy to catch the replay in the group. If this is your first time you can also check out previous Pure Heart Ignitions here.

It's free and all you need is a quite and comfortable place to listen with a good internet connection. I also recommend you keep pen and paper close by to journal your inner journey after.

Please let me know if you have any questions before we start.

Love and Light



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