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This past week after arriving home from the Magical Mystery Tour around Lake Como, I've had an urge to trust. Trust life, the Universe and myself. It might sound easy but it’s not and jet it is.

I can tell that there has been energy transformation going on from the journey that has affected this part of my life. I'm now using my body and senses more than my brain during the day. No worries I haven’t shut off my brain (more than some people thought I already had hahaha). It's just that I use it in another way, for practical things.

For life flow and direction I seem to be calmer, more trusting and really understanding from the inside and out that the Universe got my back. I have to show up and be open for whatever comes my way but I don’t have to know all the details today. It’s enough to have the knowledge that it will work out fine and it's not about hardships anymore. It's about enjoying life’s small and sometimes big amazements. It’s about believing in myself and my ability and it’s about understanding that there is a path laid out for me that I could never come up with myself without boxing it in to something far less amazing.

For a very long time I have been carrying this backpack with heaviness even though I'm a light person. It’s been filled with pressure, musts and to-good-to-be-true thoughts from and about myself. I can tell they some days are trying to get back into my backpack but since this last journey I find myself stopping it in time. Then going back to the sense of peace and balance. It's very liberating, very new to me and a little bit hard to explain since it’s an energy transformation that’s been taking place and not something I've thought out myself (best and easiest way though).

I'll be back with more information about what happened on the Magical Mystery Tour, what results I now see.

I'm also in the process of putting together a dynamic energy package for you all to be able to get.

Absolutely love this new energy that has been installed!

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